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TURFinc has created a platform for inner city kids to learn the fundamentals of TURF dancing and has given them an engaging, exciting way to keep the youth off of the streets in order to give them a fighting chance in the world. The overall goal of TURFinc is to take this powerful dance style that is changing lives beyond the streets and into a safe, positive environment where dancers and the youth have the opportunity to showcase and share their story and skills with a broader audience.


TURFinc provides a platform for aspiring dancers to not only learn how to take their skills to the next level, but also gives them the opportunity to audition for gigs in & out of the Bay Area which range from commercials, concerts, private events, corporate events, art galleries, festivals, and museums. 


Johnny Anthony Lopez better known as “Johnny5” was born in Oakland, California on December 18th, 1989. He is a Mexican / Latino professional Turf Dancer and the founder of TURFinc - a local Oakland/ Bay Area-based company that hopes to instill positive changes in the community through dance. Johnny is involved in every single aspect of his company from talent scouting to MC’ing the events. TURFinc is currently on its 100+ event production and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. 


Along with being an entrepreneur, Johnny5 also gives back to the community by teaching dance classes in East Oakland, California, amongst many other local venues and schools. In the near future, he hopes to have a global impact and travel while taking TURFinc to the next level by opening up his very own dance studio to serve the community of Oakland.

TURFinc Mission: To spread the original dance culture of TURF that was established in Oakland, California and to utilize it as a positive platform for dancers, the youth, and the overall community. 


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